Retiring Better Practice App

While I started all my students in Better Practice App in 2019, all students except those doing Rockschool Exams progressively stopped using it.

Now that there are other alternatives that help make practising easier that don’t double up my work, I will be cancelling my Better Practice App subscription and using these instead:

Rockschool has just released the RSL Learning Platform, which is specifically designed to make it easier to practise for Rockschool exams.

As such, I’ve signed up for a Teacher account, and encourage those students taking Rockschool exams to sign up for a student account and download the app. You are able to loop through particular passages rather than having to play the backing track from beginning to end. 

MyMusicStaff (which I use to take lesson notes, schedule lessons, and send invoices), has improved the functionality of its Repertoire section, which I’ve not made much use of previously.

I can now upload the extra things I used to put into Better Practice App such as videos to watch to help practise other songs. So I will start making use of the Repertoire section for the extra Resources for assigned songs (other than Rockschool), and will be encouraging Students (and Parents!) to make use of the Student Portal.

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