Music Exams

I prepare students for AMEB and Rockschool exams in Piano / Keys and Theory of Music, and Australian Guild of Music & Speech performance exams for Electronic Organ. I am also exploring other exam options!

Practical exams incorporate technical work, repertoire (at least 3 songs) and general knowledge, and depending on the syllabus choice may also include aural work, sight reading and/or improvisation.

Exam fees vary according to the grade; the higher level examinations take longer and thus have a higher cost associated with them.

Theory of Music

All students undertaking practical exams in piano or organ are encouraged to also complete theory of music exams. This gives the most thorough grounding required for the general knowledge component of the practical exams.

AMEB theory exams are completed online. Students need to complete a theory workbook for their relevant grade (either Dulcie Holland’s “Master Your Theory” or Samantha Coates’ “How to Blitz Theory” books).

For Rockschool students, there is a Guidebook for Popular Music Theory for Debut to Grade 5 (and a 2nd, more advanced Guidebook for Grades 6 – 8), plus a workbook for each Grade. The Rockschool theory exams are still conducted in person, once a year.

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