Note Recognition

We use a variety of apps during lessons to work on drilling note recognition and piano key recognition. Learning to read music is a vital part of learning to play an instrument. There are a wealth of free exercises available on These are excellent for practising at home without needing to purchase an app.

I have customised some of these sets in links below. These are like interactive flashcards. Not only do you get a random note / key, you can hear what that note sounds like after you have answered it correctly. I’ve set up two modes:

  • Practice: no time constraints / timers; will not move on until you choose the correct option
  • Test: see how many of the 20 questions you can answer correctly within 2 minutes

I am also trialling Boom cards with younger students. These can be accessed via my Boom classroom for Beginner piano students.

Identifying the Piano Keys

Naming Notes on the Stave

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