Music Lessons for Children

Simone Collins offers private, one-on-one music lessons to children – from complete beginners through to those taking exams at the highest levels – at her home studio in Canning Vale.

A child pointing to a key on the keyboard during a music lesson

Each student receives personal one-on-one attention from Simone, with lesson books or music chosen according to the student’s ability and needs.

Not all learning is done at the keyboard. Since we are also learning theory and musicianship, we may work with theory books / worksheets, educational apps, a whiteboard, rhythm blocks and with percussive instruments to practise concepts such as rhythm, note naming etc.

We may also make use of the internet to explore performances on YouTube or take a look at other elements related to what is being studied.


Preference is given to students willing to make a regular commitment to their learning. If attendance falls below 80% then we may need to reassess whether it is worth continuing with the lessons.

If you would like to join my studio, please complete a registration form.

Lesson Fees

I do not charge on a per lesson basis.

Lessons occur year round, and a flat fee is charged per month which covers:

  • lessons over the course of the year (allowing for 6 absences)
  • lesson and theory books (or digital subscription to the Rockschool Learning Platform), and supplemental pieces
  • studio-based subscriptions to apps, including Piano Maestro and My Music Staff, that I pay for to enable students to make use of effective use of their home practice, and access to my Student Portal, which contains additional resources for students including sheet music.

This fee is worked out in line with the minimum fees that the WA Music Teachers’ Association recommends for Accredited Teaching Members. WAMTA members are all vetted as being qualified to teach, and Accredited Teaching Members need to have also demonstrated a history of successful teaching.

Other teachers who do not meet WAMTA’s criteria for membership may charge less. I aim to provide as much value as possible to my students, and have a track record of success.
Lesson LengthMonthly Fee
45 mins$340
60 mins (either 1 individual, or 2 beginner siblings)$450

Please note that 30 minute lessons are generally too short to adequately cover everything and are not available for a single student, or students preparing for exams. If two siblings are taking back-to-back lessons and are still at a beginner level, I do offer a combined 60 minute slot. This involves a 30 minute practical lesson each, with one sibling playing on the instrument while the other works through a theory workbook (and then we swap halfway through). If siblings are primary aged, a parent is required to attend the lesson to supervise the child who is waiting.

Exam and festival registration fees are payable as required.

Please see my billing page for a more detailed explanation of how the flat fee structure works, and how lesson payments and billing works in my studio.

Lesson fees for the month ahead are payable prior to the 1st of each month. Should payments not process by the due date, a late fee of $10 will be applied for any payments that are overdue.

Your lesson time is reserved for you, and regular on-time payment is expected for you to keep your lesson slot. Lessons continue year round, including during the school holidays. If you will be travelling, please let me know. Students are able to access Piano Maestro while sick / away to be able to keep some practise up.

Missed Lessons

Choosing to miss a lesson for any reason does not require me to provide additional lesson time (a make-up lesson). I simply do not have additional room in my schedule for make up lessons. Please see the music lesson as a priority / prior commitment.

  • If a student is unwell or isolating, or there is no one available to drive the student to their lesson, I can conduct the lesson online during their regular lesson time so that they don’t miss out and don’t need to leave home. The only thing needed is a device or computer by the piano which can run Zoom / Skype / FaceTime / Google Hangout / Whatsapp video so that the student can see me and talk to me.
  • If a lesson will be missed entirely, students can record a performance of what they are working on and upload it to the Student Portal. I can use the lesson time to watch and provide feedback.

If the regular lesson time becomes unsuitable due to changes in your own schedule, please speak to me about whether we can find an alternative. As I am usually fully booked, this requires me finding other students able to permanently switch their lesson time. This cannot be guaranteed.

If I am unable to go ahead with a scheduled lesson (e.g. if I become sick) I will arrange a make up lesson outside of my usual teaching hours.

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