Rockschool Exams

Rockschool Piano Exams are held three times a year, over a week in late May, mid August and mid November. Students have the choice of in-person (at Castle Rock Music Studio in Cockburn) or video exams.

Students only require the one piano book for Rockschool, as it includes the technical work for that level. (The Guidebook for Popular Music Theory is also recommended to be able to prepare for the general knowledge requirements).

All Rockschool songs, technical work, sight reading and improvisation need to be played along with backing tracks; the book has a unique code to be able to download all the tracks. The downloads sometimes contain a folder with any errata (for recent books I regularly check for errata listed on details of the books on the UK Rockschool shop).

I encourage all RockSchool students to subscribe to the RSL Learning Platform, which has all the sheet music, exercises and backing tracks loaded, and they can be slowed down, have sections set to loop over to practise specific parts, and can even give you feedback on how accurate your playing is, and more! Once you have selected a subscription, you can find me listed in the RSL Find A Teacher database to connect to me.

Learn more about the RSL Learning Platform:

Practical Exam Dates & Fees

There are 3 face-to-face practical exam sessions scheduled in Perth for 2022:

Exam WeekDatesEnrolment Deadline
2430 May – 5 June1st April 2022
348 – 14 August1st July 2022
477 – 13 November15th September 2022

2022 Exam Enrolment Fees

Grade 1$158
Grade 2$163
Grade 3$173
Grade 4$189
Grade 5$200
Grade 6$215

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