Studio Policy

Lesson Times

Lessons are a weekly commitment. This is a 2 way commitment – I commit to making myself available at the agreed lesson time every week, and I expect students to make their music lesson a priority. Pre-payment of your lesson will reserve your lesson time for you for the month ahead.

Missing a lesson for any reason does not require me to provide additional lesson time. The fee for that week’s lesson will be payable whether you attend or not. I do not have the capacity to offer make-up lessons; instead, I am able to offer online classes for the student to learn from home if they are unwell or do not have an adult available to drive them, or can provide online resources for that week.

If I need to cancel a lesson (e.g. if I become sick) the payment for that lesson will be credited to the following month.

Lessons continue year round, except for public holidays. If you will be travelling, please contact me for alternate arrangements.

Lesson Fees

Tuition fees for regular weekly lessons are $72 per 45 min. For 2 siblings at beginner level, a 60 minute combined slot is available at a discounted price of $90. Payment can be made via EFT or credit card.

Adults may book ad hoc lessons outside of my regular teaching slots at a mutually agreeable time. Ad hoc lessons are $100 per hour / $75 per 45 45 min.

Lesson and theory books are NOT included as part of the lesson fee. I will provide warning when we are getting close to needing a new book, and parents can purchase books online.

Payment must be made by the 1st of each month for the month ahead. Invoices will be emailed 7 days before the start of the month. Payment that is more than 1 week overdue will incur a $10 Late Fee.

Regular late payment of tuition will result in the termination of lessons.

Practising between Lessons

Practising between lessons is essential. What is expected of practising at home is detailed in on the Home Practise Expectations page. Please log into the Student Portal to record how much practice is done and access resources that will help make practise easier.

If an iPad is available at home, I will also assign sight reading practice via the Piano Maestro app, which I pay a monthly subscription for so that my current students can access it for free.

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