COVID requirements 6th – 13th Feb 2021

Here are the current restrictions in relation to face-to-face private music studio teaching for the week ahead, which I clarified with the COVID hotline today: Teachers can remove their mask while teaching if needed Primary school age students are exempt from wearing a mask Older students should wear a mask…

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Retiring Better Practice App

While I started all my students in Better Practice App in 2019, all students except those doing Rockschool Exams progressively stopped using it. Now that there are other alternatives that help make practising easier that don’t double up my work, I will be cancelling my Better Practice App subscription and…

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WAMTA Accreditation

I’m proud to be a West Australian Music Teachers Association (WAMTA) Accredited teacher. To be recognised as such, I’ve had to prove that I have the requisite qualifications for my instruments, a track record of successful teaching, and an ongoing commitment to professional development.

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The Importance of Communication

… And Honouring Your Lesson Time Slot

I’m a parent, so I understand that things happen.

Children get sick. Work or events may run late. Or you may get a good run of traffic and end up very early.

But please understand also that if these things are going to impact your music lesson, please communicate with me as soon as possible so that I don’t end up with a day like today… which sadly happens more often than it should.

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Introduction of Late Fees

When I first started teaching, my payment terms were set such that payment for the month ahead was due by the first lesson in the first week of the month at the latest. With the move to automated billing software many years ago (5 or 6 years?), the due dates…

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2020 Enrolments Open

Enrolments for new and transferring students looking to commence lessons in Term 1 (week commencing Monday 3rd of February) are now open! The following lesson times are currently available: Monday: 3:15pm taken 5:00pm taken Tuesday: 3:30pm 4:15pm 5:00pm Wednesday: 3:15pm NEW 4:30pm taken Thursday: 3:45pm Saturday: 10:45am Sign up for…

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New Rockschool Syllabus

To date I am the only piano teacher in Perth who has been submitting students for the Rockschool exams! I have the entire set of books for the first series of the syllabus which came out in 2015. The 2019 syllabus has now come out and has seen all new…

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