Introduction of Late Fees

When I first started teaching, my payment terms were set such that payment for the month ahead was due by the first lesson in the first week of the month at the latest.

With the move to automated billing software many years ago (5 or 6 years?), the due dates on the invoices changed such that payment is due by the first of the month, with invoices automatically sent out a week before (on the 25th of the month) to give ample time to let me know of any changes in the month ahead before the due date, and to make payment by the first of the month.

I have several families regularly making payment late, whom I have to chase payments for even after the automatic invoice overdue reminder is sent out, which I have let slide for many years now. However, it has now got to the point where I cannot do that anymore, and after consultation with other teachers as to how they handle this situation, this month (February) I will be introducing a late payment fee.

Billing Schedule Overview

  • Invoices are automatically emailed on the 25th of the month before
  • Payment is due by the 1st of the next month.
  • Overdue reminders will continue to be sent on the 4th of the month, as they are now.
  • Where payment is not received by the 7th, a late payment fee of $10 will automatically be generated and will appear on your next invoice.

If you do not receive your invoice via email, please check your spam folders to see if it is there! If you still can’t find the email, please let me know before the 1st so that I can reissue an invoice.

If you are paying by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and are not using OSKO, please remember to allow 2-3 days for the transfer to take place – which means that payment needs to be submitted by the 27th if using that method.

Help Me Help You

I have now added the option to pay via PayPal as well to make it even easier to make payments.

Please understand that this is my livelihood, and that when many families fail to pay me, it in turn affects my ability to pay my bills.

In order to keep teaching, I need everyone to understand the importance of making lessons – and lesson payments – a priority. I cannot fill a missed lesson with other income-generating work, and the combination of many families sitting on less than 70% attendance, not turning up to lessons with little to no notice, with others not paying in a timely manner, is impacting the viability of my ability to continue to offer my services.

Thank you for your understanding and helping me to continue to teach your children.

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